Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Food, Wine, and Works of Art 2013

Starting June 4th 2013 and going on until June 9th, Kennebunkport is holding its annual Food, Wine, and Works of Art Festival. The name is pretty much a dead give away, but if these are things that might interest you then there is no better time to visit Kennebunk / kennebunkport.

Here in Kennebunkport there are many varieties of restaurants, wine bars, and fine art galleries waiting to be explored.

While in town why not come and relax at the King's Port Inn. There is a cock tail bar open on Friday and Saturday for you to enjoy a glass of wine before dinner or perhaps a night cap later on. We have rooms available all week (first come first serve). Try one of our two person marble Jacuzzi Suite while they're available. The King's Port Inn has the luxury of owning a very unique location right in the heart of Lower Village Kennebunk / Kennebunkport.