Thursday, February 8, 2018

February Fun Facts!

The King's Port Inn would like to wish everybody a happy February! February is a month of love, so we hope you spend time with somebody special. We also wanted to present some fun and interesting facts about the month of February. We hope you enjoy.
1. The Roman month Februarius was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Febrau held on February 15th.
2. January and February were the last two months to be added to the Roman calendar, since the Romans originally considered winter a month less period.
3. The birthstone is the Amethyst. The flower is the violet. The 2 astrological signs are Aquarius and Pisces.
4. In February 1865, it is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.
5. Groundhog Day, celebrated on February 2, came about because of a German superstition. They thought if a hibernating animal cast a shadow on February 2nd that winter would last for another six weeks. If there was no shadow, spring would come early.
6. In 1790, the first session of the U.S. Supreme court opened in N.Y.C.
7. In 1851, evaporated milk was invented by Gail Borden.
8. In 1893, Thomas A. Edison finished construction of the first motion picture studio, the Black Maria in West Orange, N.J.
9. In 1982, Late Night with David Letterman debuted on NBC.
10. Before 2002, Super Bowl Sunday was held the last Sunday in January, but since 2002 it is more commonly held the first Sunday of February.
We hope you enjoyed these fun facts! The King's Port Inn has availability for the month of February. We have premium King rooms for only $89 a night. We also have Jacuzzi suites for only $119 a night. Each room includes a free continental breakfast, free wi fi, and free parking. To make a reservation, please call us at 1-800-286-5767. We would be happy to hear from you.
We hope you enjoy February!
The King's Port Inn