Thursday, October 9, 2014

Columbus Day Weekend

We at the King's Port Inn hope everybody is enjoying a wonderful Columbus Day weekend. Columbus Day weekend is the unofficial close of the summer tourism season. We would like to thank all our guests who took time to say with us during the busy summer season. We have enjoyed your company and you have truly made it a great season for us. We really hope you come back and stay with us next year.
I want to take this time and tell you some interesting facts about Christopher Columbus:
1. Columbus was not the first European to visit the Americas. That distinction belongs to Norwegian Leif Ericson in the 11th century.
2. Columbus believed he had landed in the West Indies, thereby calling the native inhabitants "indios", which is Spanish for Indians.
3. Columbus was not just motivated to find a passage to the West Indies, but also wanted to preach Christianity and convert people around the world.
Most importantly, Christopher Columbus brought European attention to this new world, thereby bringing colonization, and Western Civilization. It is good and proper to celebrate this weekend in memory of his accomplishments.
We at the King's Port Inn want to wish you a wonderful Columbus Day weekend.