Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day

The King's Port Inn would like to wish everybody a happy Valentine's Day! We hope you spend the day with somebody you love and cherish. Valentine's Day weekend is a wonderful time in Kennebunkport, Maine. Our town is participating in a month long celebration of love called "Paint The Town Red". Along with other local businesses, we are offering discounts on room rates and dinner packages. We are offering a special romantic dinner package, which includes a dinner voucher for 2 people, a special Valentine's Day gift package, and a free continental breakfast for as low as $160 a night. This package is also available with our luxurious Jacuzzi suites for as low as $210 a night. All rooms include a flat screen tv, refrigerators, and free parking. What a great way to spend the weekend with your loved one.
To make a reservation, please call 800-286-5767. We would be a happy to hear from you.
In honor of Valentine's Day, here are some interesting facts:
1. The first Valentine's Day candy box was invented by Richard Cadbury(sound farmiliar) in the late 1880's.
2. The first love poem ever recorded was written on a clay tablet from the times of the Sumerians around the year 3500 BC.
3. 1 Billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged in the U.S. each year.
4. Women purchase %85 of all valentines.
5. Worldwide, over 50 million roses are given for Valentine's Day each year.
We hope you enjoyed these fun facts. The King's Port Inn would like to wish everybody a very, very, happy Valentine's Day!
The King's Port Inn