Monday, July 18, 2011

Coastal Fishing

It's July already and Stripers are in the water, Striped Bass that is. People in town have been landing them left and right. May is usually the month the striped bass start to head into Maine seas. They come in schools (lots of small fish) often referred to as "schoolies". Now in July those "schoolies" have started to grow and are now Big Fish.

Rules and regulations about fishing for striped bass: The limit is one fish per day. The length allowed to keep is 20 inches to 26 inches, those are what we like to call "keepers". Also any striped bass over 40 inches are allowed to be kept, still one per day though. Once you have caught your limit of one fish per person per day, you may keep fishing but all other fish caught must be released. There is more information available at And for more information about abtaining a fishing license you can visit or at

Information about various charters in the area can be obtained here at the King's Port Inn, located in the center of Lower Village Kennebunk / Kennebunkport. The King's Port Inn is just minutes walking to some of the best fishing spots in town. A couple great places to try throwing in a line are the Jetti at the Colony Beach, the Cape Porpoise Pier, or anywhere just off the ocean shore. Here's a helpful hint, they like to stay near the rocks. Lots of luck !